Smyrna Wool Pouch


This neck pouch is made with the “smyrna” technique. An old fashioned knotting technique from Scandinavia. Annique Nahumury’s grandfather used to make small rugs tables and such. That was back in the 30ies and 40ies. Nahumury continued this tradition without even knowing it beforehand. Now she is proud to keep this craft ongoing but it looks quite different because of the bright colours and geometric shapes. So modern colours and patterns are combined with an old knotting technique.

It takes about a few months to complete a pouch like this and most important; every pouch is one of a kind and made with much love!

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All Terror Kittens items are handmade and therefore unique. Every piece is designed and made with lots of care in our Terror Kittens studio, based in Rotterdam.

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Cold hand wash, Do not tumble dry


100% PAN