Glitch me 3D

Collaboration with
Flor de Fuego and Naoto Hieda

Interdisciplinary collaboration for the academy for theatre and digitality Dortmund with digital artists Flor de Fuego and Naoto Hieda

Thanks to a Time Window festival, Nahumury met two digital performance artists. Argentinian artist Flor de Fuego and Japanese artist Naoto Hieda.

They were interested in collaborating with Annique Nahumury and invited her to come to Dortmund Theatre for Digitallity to take part in a residency.  

In this residency they experimented with digital art, performance and costumes. The outcomes were inspiring and aesthetically pleasing; from this they discovered new ways of combining the different disciplines into one coherent art work. 

They worked with digital 2d material which became 3d in a black box with scenography and costumes. Working with a 380 degrees camera, they could create 3d projections on 3d costumes and props. Because of the projections, sometimes the costumes started to become 2d from certain angles. With this the three artists were playing while they were moving around the objects and themselves. This together formed interesting visual multi dimensional compositions.

Photography: Annique Nahumury