I was old before I was young

Collaboration with
Teddy Shouldn't Smoke

Choreographer and dancer Marijke de Vos knows better than most of us that you have only one body, and you have to take care of that. That’s why she and her collective Teddy shouldn’t smoke decided to create the multidisciplinary trilogy “Body of Goodbyes” which has everything to do with the expiration date of the body so to say.

To start with part I, “I was old before I was young”. It premiered during the “O’ Festival, at Ubik in Rotterdam.

Annique Nahumury made the costumes for Marijke de Vos and Laure Nygren.


“I was old before I was young” is the result of a research in which Marijke and Laura (show pony) questioned why we can’t be a little nicer to our bodies. 

We become old and we get to experience the boundaries of our physical abilities. Sooner or later the body will protest and that happens in all sorts of professions, not only in dance and sport. 

It has everything to do with the current culture in which people go far beyond their limits to be the best. We always want more and better but where do we stop and start to take care of our bodies?