Japanse Meisjes

Collaboration with
Firma Draak

“Terror Kittens has become more or less the head costume designer of Firma Draak now. By providing Firma Draak costumes for their theatre show “ Ultimate Cube” in 2018,  a wonderful collaboration arised.

For the theatre show “Japanse Meisjes” in 2019, Terror Kittens designed all the costumes for this show.  Because of the world wide pandemic, a next collab is still waiting to be made.

Japanse Meisjes 

Two Dutch boys want to dance and sing like the carefree girls from Japanese music videos, be strong like the heroines of anime movies and possess the focus of a Japanese zen master. With colourful projections, home-made soundscapes and life-size cardboard origami they create their own magical theatrical world.

Photography: Bas de Brouwer