M.O.E. (mission operation expedition)

Collaboration with
Firma Draak

For this Terror Kittens designed the costumes and some props for the three actors. It is looking authentical, fifties, mountain climbing but at the same time it has a futuristic touch. Something Annique Nahumury likes to play with a lot; combining the minimalistic styles of the mid 20th century with science fiction shapes, colours and fabrics.

M.O.E. is a megalomaniac, theatrical and immersive experience full of live animations and physical play. Inspired by conversations the makers had with various children beforehand, they explore the future fantasy of Generation Z and combine it with their own experiences and ideas about the environment. Because what will the voice of the future sound like and more importantly, who will listen to it?

Raised with the plastic luxury of the 90s, Firma DRAAK makes up the balance. The collective examines its own climate hypocrisy; because what’s the point of doing “the right thing” if the world is already heading for an ecological disaster anyway? What sacrifices must adults make in their life and for their children? How do you save the future while trying to live in the now?

Photography: Salih Kilic